Men, and women alike, were held abound by the stupid tradition of holy sounds. The priests crawled like creeps, though they dressed like sheep, they scrawled the commandments to put the minds of men asleep. Living without and with no heart to shout out they started to listen and dance to the heavy, heavy sounds of Dust Angel and now the music and the crowd became whole.


Lunar Mach V is an E.P. that contains five songs from the upcoming conceptual L.P."The Life & Times of Stig Rotsky Revisited"; which is loosely based on the life of the guitar player's previous band's lead singer. The first track on the E.P., "Love Is Between My Legs", is a down and dirty rocker about free love, but for punk rockers and everyone else alike. It's followed by a 70's Hard Rock anthem, "Lucky 7" whose lyrics expose the drug culture in America. The 3rd song "In The Thirsty Hour" is one of their fastest songs, in the tradition of Heavy Metal Thrash, which deals with the disease of addiction. The fourth song on the E.P. called "Temptress" is a simple three chord Pop song where the basses (a 12 string bass is utilized to modulate the main melody) are paramount to this song about the world's oldest profession. The E.P. ends with another fast Heavy Metal song "Necrophilia" about the life of a serial killer.